"Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye" - A documentary film capturing stories from survivors.

Six men, 70 years later, return to Hawaii to relive the memories of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Ages 89-93, these Pearl Harbor survivors say "One Last Goodbye" to the friends they lost on December 7, 1941.

"Pearl Harbor One Last Goodbye" filmaker speaks out on "The Greatest Generation" and the making of "Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye."

Listen to Liz Watkins share the story of the making of "Pearl Harbor,One last Goodbye" and the effects of the war, the attack and the "Last Goodbye" on our six survivors. Liz was recently interviewed on 89.7 KCNV Nevada Public Radio.

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Bill Braddock featured in Pensacola News Journal

Bill Braddock observes Memorial Day by raising three flags on the pole outside his house: the Stars and Stripes, the state standard of Hawaii and a banner that displays the Marine Corps globe, eagle and anchor.

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"Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye" honored at prestigious film festivals.

"Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye," was recently honored in two prestigious film festivals. "The Central Folrida Film Festival" and "The Indie Fest"

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